Tuesday, February 1, 2011 Book Review: Under the Mistletoe by AP Miller


4 Flames = SMOKIN HOTSynopsis

Miranda Harris, successful Event Planner in NYC, fears Christmas. Every year she goes home for the holidays single. The men in her life never stay or can't commit. All Miranda wants for Christmas is good man who will love her, without provisions. Then she meets Donnie Brockaway.

Donnie Brockaway is used to getting what he wants. Only problem is that he is forced to take a wife of his Father's approval or risk loosing his inheritance and the merging of the two companies. He wants a union out of love, so when he meets Miranda Harris the sparks fly and Donnie isn't concerned about what his father thinks.

My Thoughts:AP Miller does it right on their newest short story. One thing that
draws me to a book is being able to identify with the characters. Every woman can identify with Miranda Harris on some level, mainly because she is showing us glimpses of our own life...some moments better then others. I found it very hard to believe this was only 60 pages long. AP blended this short story perfectly and definately covered all the bases.

Miranda never quite seems to be lucky in love and decides it's time to take action and make some changes...sexy shoes, sexy clothes and maybe doing some detective work when it come to the hunky businessman, Donnie Brockaway, she saw in the paper. But what happens when your dream man moves in next door? and it turns out he's engaged to another woman!

Donnie never thought he'd meet a woman like her, let alone in his buildings elevator; then come to find out she's but one door down. Phermones fly and the air sizzles just being next to her and he's got to make the next move. Wine and pizza in hand he makes his approach, and finds that even her answering the door in cartoon PJs turns him on.

There's so much more to this story then the sexy neighbor and really enjoyable carpet burn. It's erotica with substance, and I liked it.
I'm just glad the full length version will be slated for release in Dec 2011 in time for Christmas.
Keep a look out for more from AP Miller (Andrew & Patti Miller) writing team.
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School of Hard Knocks

"Where can I sign up to go to this school?!"The husband and wife writing team of A.P. Miller, writing as LA Andrews, has once again written a sexy, erotic story that pushes the way you think. They take the ordinary idea of a school for girls and turn it into a fun, exciting, 'look for your husband' type of tale.

Head Mistress Chambers grabs your attention from the start, with her very strict and wicked ways. The introduction of Elizabeth and her growth was well written and very believable.

If you are looking for a sexy girl on girl, girl on guy and every way you can imagine kind of story that will leave you hot and bothered, then this is the story for you!!! All I can say is, "Where can I sign up to go to this school?!"

Reviewed by Missy Brown

Posted on January 20, 2010 by C.H. Scarlett

Title: Beyond the Looking Glass

Card Rating: – 4 Tarots

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


About The Book: What happens when Walt Disney meets the Brothers Grimm in a series of twisted, dark, horror-filled fairy tales in a world of Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins, and the Gnome King.

In the dark forest, Rhed Riding Hood finds her way to Granny’s house. Years later, her passion is awakened by something so dark and sinister that no form of witchcraft can ever prevent. Prince Charming’s Princess is thrown to the ground as her once elegant coach turns into a pumpkin and becomes surrounded by mice at the stroke of midnight. Suddenly Charming isn’t so charming.

Snow White is sent into the woods to be put to death, but the woodsman has other ideas, and the pure step-daughter is thrown into a realm where even evil itself cannot touch her, but becomes her.

Beyond the Looking Glass finds Alice set in an underground world she would never expect through the very nature of it, which forces her to find her way back through Wonderland with the help of the Cheshire cat.

The Review:

Just about everyone has grown up hearing those wonderful happily ever after fables. Stories set in beautiful worlds with grand characters and loves. What if those worlds were filled with other, darker beings? Who or what would be your favorite?

In Beyond the Looking Glass the reader is treated to a wondrous world full of those dark creatures and desires. Snow white is no longer so pure after the woodsman has come to her. Prince Charming leads in a very different way and will have his woman no matter what. While visiting her grandmother Rhed Riding Hood finds her dark side. Alice finds herself in another world full of things she never even thought existed.

Although every story is a good read in itself, Rhed Riding Hood’s story would have to be my favorite. Rhed grows into a strong and smart woman who takes her life into her own hands and decides to get what she wants and needs. Learning from her grandmother to respect the forest as well as protecting those that dwell there. Rhed decides she is tired of being alone and goes after what she desires.

Each of the stories are fast-paced and well-written, piquing the readers interest and making them want to know more about the characters and their world. I truly enjoyed these stories and would love to see more takes on many of the other old tales. These stories have a great partnership of horror and eroticism that make for an enjoyable read.

Pagan Elements: no

Cover (Rated 1-10): 8

Cover makes one interested in the book; making you wonder just what does the young lady see in the forest.


AP Miller’s latest release.
Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls is a must read, and a definite keeper to those of you who enjoy a bit of spice.

AP Miller has once again titillated us and at the same time tickled our funny bones with
Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls, a tale of an innocent and a demon.

Silly, sleazy, campy, and totally delightful,
Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls is a strange and wonderful tale about a pious young man, his Guardian Angel, and a demon succubus named Pathrusim, Patti for short. Andrew saves Patti from demon hunters, but she in turn falls for him. Wacky, yes, but when heaven and hell clash over the soul of a Succubus, things happen that you won’t believe. In the meantime, the little succubus tries all her erotic wiles on Andrew, who puts up with her trials, and plays as if they are only games. But when she tries to pull a real switch, Andrew calls her hard on it, and Patti caves, and not just once either. Time and time again, she is unable to pull him in. The ending is not what you might expect, so you know the drill…and don’t worry, you will NOT be disappointed.

Yours in good reading,


In this sexy romp,
Librarians Don't Get Married by AP Miller, we meet a town of free-thinking and free-loving people who have one major obstacle. Their exclusive mate-swapping club might be exposed by one maidenly, prudish grump by the name of Grundy, and it is to this end they conspire to face their foe. Heidi, the Doctor, some prominent business men and others are a fun and kinky set who are in it for the sex, and the real love they can share with their play. For those who enjoy a very kinky read, this is definitely one you will enjoy. I found it fun, lighthearted, and a very entertaining read and I think for those open-minded readers of erotic romance, it is a great addition to your bookshelves.


Clearly a horror filled fantasy novel, an observation noticeable just from its cover Beyond the Looking Glass is highly entertaining, wickedly thrilling and skillfully chilling. Reader’s will enjoy the rousing lascivious twists on their favorite fairy tales, although searching for obvious disparities between the “age appropriate” versions. AP Miller maintains just enough of the known cast’s characterization and story line, so creating an illusion of expected normalcy, only to quickly turn them feral, sinister and oh so erotic. At first, it’s shocking but deliciously fun soon afterwards exposing the earthy carnal appetites of weres and vamps, then showcasing the seductive allure of leather and dominance. An anthology that cannot be pushed aside by any horror enthusiasts who enjoys eroticism with their tales of terror.

AP Miller is the pen name for writing husband and wife team Patti and Andrew Miller, both widely published authors in various newspaper, magazine and of course, novels. Other fiction works from this duo include Lone Huntress that will hopefully appear on the SciFi Channel as an anime series, while another of their works Unpredicted Prophecy scheduled to become a live action movie in conjuction with Riwayat Films.



AP Miller has a hot winner in MANAGEMENT TRAINING. The story takes the reader on a fantastic trip where nothing is as it seems; taking several issues that may seem less than romantic but are hot and steamy in their capable hands as a writer. Beverly has never sat back and let things happen. Once she has figured out she wants Mark she is as mean and as nasty as she can be. Mark responds by taking the punishment and drawing out of her the pleasure and degradation she needs in order to free her self from the stress of the day. Mark’s secret was a surprise but it was written perfectly for the book, playing with precision the romance. This book isn’t for the reader who wants a typical romance that doesn’t involve any raw power exchange. If you want a great hot read with a few twists then this is the book to buy!


Lone Huntress Title: Lone Huntress

Author: AP Miller

Publisher: Carnal Desires

Genre: Science Fiction Erotic Romance

Publication date: 2009

Rating:  (4.5)

Heat rating: 4

Reviewer: Raashema


As the name implies, Lisa Huntress is a hunter.  To be more precise, she is a green-haired cyborg bounty hunter, maybe the best of her time. But underneath the armor and the tough-as-steel emotional shields is a small child held captive in the prison of her past. 

The road to Bounty Hunter extraordinaire was not an easy one.  As a child on the hostile planet Gaia, Lisa and her Tribe fought many environmental hazards and carnivorous fauna None could compare though to the band of pirates that descended from the skies, bringing death and destruction to all but Lisa, whom they kidnapped, held captive and abused for over a year.  Her subsequent rescue and later adoption by Materson, also a bounty hunter, would begin the last chapter in the development of Lisa Huntress, Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire.

Each of us is only the sum of our life experiences.  AP Miller has created a unquestionably emotionally charged space odyssey that highlights one woman’s search for happiness in a world that is extremely critical of women’s beauty and their place in society. We are shown her life in small snapshots that illustrate her emotional triumph as she moves closer to true happiness and learns to trust and accept herself.  Lone Huntress is a simply luscious, thought provoking treat that will be remembered long after the last page has been read. You will find yourself looking at society and life in a more critical light.   I, for one, can hardly wait for the next installment.  So, if you want an erotic sci-fi that is thought provoking, as well as engaging, this should be a definite buy. 

"A Six Part Futuristic Joy Ride"Lone Huntress:
Introduces us to a Cyborg Bounty Hunter named Lisa Huntress. She is feared and famed for her cruelty. Her latest mission is to pick a Live bounty by the name of Romeo, a projective telepath. But Romeo has bitten off more than he can chew when he messes with Lisa's dreams.
Genesis of the Huntress:
Brock Masterson rescued Lisa when she was 12 from the Pirates who had eliminated Lisa's home planet, and took her hostage and tortured her for a year. Can Brock pull her out of her depression and offer her a new way of life?
Beauty and Beholders:
After a meeting with the infamous "Pink Barron", who works for the FIA, she is offered a well paying job. If she can prove herself, then she will be put on the FIA's list for bounty hunters. Only the best get to be put on that list. Lisa wastes no time in accepting, but a simple assignment turns out to be a little more than she thought.
Love and Hate:
While in a library Lisa meets Sara. Sara is not afraid of the way she looks or afraid to talk to her. What started out as a friendly conversation turns into something Lisa did not expect. As their relationship goes to new levels, there are things that Sara is not telling Lisa.
Family Ties:
While on board her ship, Lisa Huntress gets a transmission from the Queen of Furcodia. They require her services as an exterminator. The experience offers a interaction with a race Lisa has never come across before. What is supposed to be a simple extermination turns into something more.
Taking some advice, Lisa Huntress decides to go for some therapy. What her therapist, Keven see's when Lisa first walks through the door is a shy girl, with unvoiced hope. He knows he can help her. What Lisa finds is someone who understands her, and she finally feels she has found love, but would that require her to give up hunting?
Wow! Lone Huntress tells the story of Lisa Huntress, a cyborg, and all of the trials she goes through in her life. From her first experience after being rescued, and her first love, her first f/f. A.P. Miller does a wonderful job of making us feel as if we are there with Lisa. With vivid detail describing her suroundings, as well as her emotions. You really feel Lisa's fear, anger and pain. The love scenes are smoking hot and very detailed. Over all an engaging read with a well thought out plot, and a memorable character in Lisa. A.P. Miller does it again!!!! Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted November 8, 2009

Ap Miller The Boogedyman
By A.P. Miller

A.P. Miller brings to light the question, "What if the boogeyman
was real" and the terrifying knowledge "What if it was you?"
This husband and wife writing team will pull you into Murray's world of
nightmares, and fear. Leaving you wondering, right along with Murray,
what is happening and is this real?
A.P. Miller has done a wonderful job of connecting the reader with Murray, you will be rooting for him, all the while asking yourself "Is he really the bad guy? Overall I
feel that "The Boogedyman" delivers a well thought out scary plot, and I
can promise you one heck of a good read!

Missy Brown, PNR Reviews

Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls

This work combines the smoldering sensuality of well-written erotica with the nail-biting suspense of an edge-of-the-seat thriller. When the final page is turned, the space between these two disparate traits is filled with a deep caring... for the characters, and an eagerness to find out how their lives (and afterlives?) will continue to pan out. Sequel, please? Stevie-C reader

Ap Miller Reviews
December 2009